About US

NEXT 56 is our preteen ministry geared specifically toward 5th and 6th graders. We know that our preteens have a very unique blend of needs when it comes to their spiritual growth. Most have matured past the point of relating to typical kids’ ministry curriculums, but they are not quite to the place where they can fully relate to teen ministry content. They have questions that require deeper thought and study, but they still want to cut loose every once in a while and act like a kid. 

NEXT 56 represents the next step in their development as followers of Christ. It seeks to provide an environment for preteens to get the best of both worlds: deeper understanding of the Bible, fun and engaging activities, and genuine exploration of the topics that matter most to them. 

Worship Experiences

NEXT 56 meets every Sunday morning during the 10:45 service in Rooms B & C. Students meet up with their small group leaders and peers before service in B & C, attend worship as a group in the adult service, and then return to B & C for bible study.

Next 56 meets every Sunday at 10:45 in rooms B&C